People in the Project 

Participant researchers

Brian Arly Jacobsen

My research is mainly in the area of religion and politics and religious minority groups in Denmark, especially Muslim minorities in Western Europe, the political debate on Muslim minority groups and Muslim institutions. Recently I have studied the relationship between local authorities and local religious groups (religion and local politics).

Subproject: "Constructing Conflict: The Politics of Mosque Building." 

Kirstine Sinclair

My research focuses on Muslim minorities in Western Europe and in particular youth organisations, political activism and questions of belonging. Most recently, I have studied the relationship between institutions, religious authority, tradition and subjectivity formation. At University of Southern Denmark, I am Head of Studies for the Department of History.

Subproject: "Minority Making: How Mosques Shape Muslims.”

Niels Valdemar VindingNiels Valdemar Vinding

Trained in Islamic studies and with a PhD on Muslim Positions in the Religio-Organisational Fields of Denmark, Germany and England from 2013. Recently, I have worked on Muslim institutions and organizations, on Imams of the West and here I will look at the power relations and structures amongst and between mosque leadership.

Subproject: "The Power Relations of Imams and Mosques in Denmark."

Pernille Friis Jensen

MA in Sociology of Religion, PhD-student. Research interrest includes religion and gender, Islam in Denmark, individual beliefs and practices, and irreligion. From the perspective of power this PhD-project will examine young women in the mosque, providing empirical insight into the complexity of gender power forms and relations constituent to the mosque.

Subproject: "Gender and Generational Counter-power in the Mosques."

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