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Nordic Mosques

Interdisciplinary workshop with lectures by researchers from Denmark and abroad.

The seminar is intended to theoretically and methodically inspire researchers from universities primarily in the Nordic countries in a newly formed research network in the subject of mosques in a Scandinavian context.

The seminar is in three parts:

Firstly, two key-note are given from the international context that surrounds Scandinavia, that is United Kingdom and Germany. 

  • Prof. Sophie Gilliat-Ray (Cardiff): ”Mosques in Britain and the changing role of religious leadership”
  • Prof.'in Dr. Chantal Munsch (Siegen): “Turkish Muslim Community Centres in German Immigration History”

Secondly, colleagues from Denmark, Norway and Sweden will present comparative perspectives on Mosques, including Torkel Brekke (UiO), Simon Stjernholm (KU), Brian Arly Jacobsen (KU), Kirstine Sinclair (SDU), and Niels Valdemar Vinding (KU)

Thirdly, we will have a student seminar with presentations of ongoing work and recent theses related to Islam in Denmark and Europe, in particular mosques and Muslim religious communities.

More details and full program to follow. 

All other inquiries should be directed to the PI Associate Professor, ph.d., Brian Arly Jacobsen 

Phone: (+45) 51 30 24 81